Creative Capture Blogging Award

I have come to discover that while most of us have a certain theme to our blogs, we have something in common. Moments. We tend to capture and share our moments using photography. This common thread brings our worlds together and weaves our moments into stories across themes and ‘niches’. While some of us post about amazing food, beautiful art, sweet pets, dealing with life, and even photography itself, we all have photos. And over time, I have started to see that there are many creative and talented bloggers capturing the moments that make life so rich and full.

So with this said, I have designed the Creative Capture Blogging Award.

Originally Posted on November 14, 2011 by Just Ramblin’ Pier as a post. Now it is a page.

34 responses to “Creative Capture Blogging Award

  1. This is a great attempt at inspiring bloggers. Mine is a Poetry Blog featuring my poetry with poetry and quotes and stuffs related which inspire me. When you say about capturing moments, mine is more writing but yes I do post some beautiful images with inspiring quotes on it. You can visit my blog and read more on it, as I am a new blogger and about exploring the very confines of the WordPress Blogging world and already liking it:)

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  3. I just wanted to thank you again for giving me this award. It is pretty cool to be given an award where I know the history of it. It also tickles me that it is for capturing moments through photography. I use a point and shoot so most of my pictures are taken on the fly without the use of fancy equipment (although I do enjoy muddling with photo editors.) I finally got the badge up on my site and am planning a little post to go along with it. :-)

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  6. I have been a little quiet in the past two weeks or so, reasons are mainly to take a break from blogging, it was taking control.And a little health worries. Although I love it and will continue to do so I just had to step back for awhile. I felt so guilty because I did not respond to other posts like I have done. So you can imagine how surprised I was when I read about your wonderful award nomination. I am so honoured and humbled and will with all my true feelings from the heart accept your award. Thank you, always caring.
    PS: will gladly post your badge and a thank you on my site shortly..

  7. Thank you SO much fur the furry nice award! I wanted to mention it on today’s blog but totally furgot before my big old paw hit the “Publish” button so I will has to rememmer to do it the next time. Knowing that you like me sharing my moments with you makes my tail wag😛

  8. Oh Rambling’ this is so kind. I have given up on awards as I never have time t omlookmout new blogs and pass them on, but you seem to be simply offering an award. Does that mean I can accept it? I am very touched that you have chosen to give it to me, and glad you enjoy my blog. Thank you so much, and pats to the dogs from me!
    I enjoy your posts, and love your pictures.:)

  9. Thank you so much Just Ramblin’. Each and every time I’ve been nominated for an award it just gets better and better. Like most everyone else I blog because I like to blog and share my life with others; whether it’s stories about my children, a moment I’ve captured, or just some haphazard thought that I thought deserved a spot in my blog. But when you are awarded, surprisingly and unexpectedly, by someone who appreciates your work and effort, that is truly an amazing feeling.

    Again, thank you so much. I have a post coming to acknowledge your selfless and kind act. I only feel it’s right to announce to the WordPress community how many genuine and thoughtful people, like yourself, are out there.

  10. Thank you so much for this wonderful award. I was so surprised and honored. It means more than I can say being as it came from one of the best photographers I have ever seen. I love all your pictures and your posts. You have captured some amazing moments. Hugs!

  11. Thank you so much!! I am happy to know that you enjoy my blog!!:) Thank you lots and lots and I want you to know that I do enjoy reading your posts too, especially when you capture special moments of Miss Sadie and Miss Stella!

    • You are very welcome : ) I am glad that you enjoy reading my posts and I enjoy your visits. Miss Sadie and Miss Stella provide so many great moments for us and I am thrilled to be able to share them. Gracious me these two keep me on my toes!

  12. Thank you so very much! I love this idea. It’s really a great one that unifies a lot of people under a common goal. Keep doing what YOU’RE doing!

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