A Moment


Miss Stella and Miss Sadie share some secrets. Time keeps marching but our hearts continue on pause. We are watching our girl on a daily basis … her gleam is not so sparkly, her ‘boss mode’ and bark arrive less often, and her eating has slowed. More accidents occur in the house and often she struggles after being carried to the yard. However, she still loves her ear scritches and that ‘look’, you know the ‘tired beyond able to rest and catch up’ look, has not quite shown up yet. Her Chessiness is amazing in that she has such tenacity and durability. She seems to want to grab every moment of life and living possible. It is as if she is almost trying to teach us something and we ‘two-leggeds’ just do not quite have it yet. I am determined to listen to this sweet girl. She has something to say and we are listening.

Just Ramblin’

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