I’ve Got Sunshine

Miss Sadie Lou continues to be strong. She wants to get out to run and play in the yard like when she was a young pup. We carry her into the yard, let her get her footing, and she picks one of the squeaky toys to start bossing. She will wobble her way a few feet from us, drop her toy of choice, and begin to nudge it with her nose and bark at it bossing it with complete confidence. No arthritis nor age will take that from her. We have to stop her and bring her back in, otherwise she tries to run and chase but this she is unable to do any more. She has lost a great deal of weight, is having more accidents in the house, and has extreme difficulty with getting up and down from the floor; yet in her Chessie determined way, she continues to make the best of it with grace and dignity. May I have even the smallest part of what this little girl has when I begin battling the process of aging.


Miss Stella continues to grow and keeps us on our toes. Her personality is amazing and perception of Miss Sadie’s needs even more so. We have celebrated her second birthday (typical post with pictures to come soon) and are constantly surprised by what a wonderful pup this girl is each day. The seasons of life seem to recycle. Having lost our Miss Maggie with Sadie guiding  us through the process, we have now been blessed with Miss Stella and her Newfieness to help us deal with this phase of Miss Sadie’s life.


Soaking up some sunshine with a little squeaker.

I continue to thank you for your patience with my lack of diligence in blogging and commenting.

Just Ramblin’

11 responses to “I’ve Got Sunshine

  1. It’s hard to imagine we would carry so much joy and heartbreak for our furry loves. I have my three-year old puppy spunkier than anything and then my 11 year old lab moaning and groaning. It is so hard when you love them so much.

  2. Miss Sadie Lou has a lot to teach us about enjoying the most of every day of life.

    Today, I wrote about the blessings that comes with caring for an ailing dog. If you have time, let me know if you’ve found the same thing.

  3. Isn’t it wonderful how the younger helps the older get her needs met and gives her enjoyment. While at the same time giving you what you need to cope and make it easier to still enjoy your elder Chessie. My Tyler made sure all my older (Satin, Pry) needs were met . Knocking to get her treats, curling up and keeping her warm, letting us know when we were needed! As well as playing and meeting all our emotional needs, so we could enjoy them both; and Satins time left. Both dogs were happy and left us always amazed. Good job and Good Luck-it only takes love:-)

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