Paw Prints

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I hope to be able to read and respond to comments and others’ posts soon. I appreciate your patience. Having lost so many loved ones, I know time with Miss Sadie is the most valuable gift and I need to spend it hanging with her and Stella. I continue to still focus on being present in Sadie’s moments as they are precious. Miss Stella is her true Newfie self and bounds through the days with much enthusiasm. Her ability to bring happiness everywhere she goes is astonishing. We think she is keeping Miss Sadie motivated. If we are outside playing fetch, Miss Sadie wants so much to race after the ball and will attempt to do so but we have to intervene as it is to hard on her little bones. If allowed, she will try to race using just her front legs and her back side will move as one unit and not two strong legs. It is taking her longer to greet me at the door at the end of the day which completely breaks my heart. We often call her ‘Chicken Noodle’ as she wiggles her way like a cooked noodle, rather than walk, bringing us her typical sweet Chessie smile in greeting. But more often than not these days, she snoozes rather than struggle to get up and walk. I understand. It hurts her bones … and our hearts, hers included. Her eyes are starting to get a little softer and more tired. Her movement, more staggered and sketchy. She spends more time trying to get up than staying up. Yet, put her duck, tennis ball, or squeaky in front of her and she will boss it like she is still a young pup. She can often be found laying at our feet and you feel a slight trembling … it is her. I will lean in to her, scratch that sweet soft curly fur behind her ears and on her neck, and try to truly hear her.

Chessies, Dogs, Pets

She is my Chessie. I will listen to her. She is leaving paw prints on my heart and in my life.

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7 responses to “Paw Prints

  1. You’re giving a wonderful gift to Miss Sadie and to yourself. Many years from now, you’ll look back on the special time you spend with her with sadness, yes, but also gratitude.

    Blessings to you.

  2. Unfortunately, we understand your situation. We have lost one of our dear companions in January for the last three years. They each had wonderful, long, and happy lives. Fifteen to seventeen years from each of them was the most beautiful gift they could have given us. That I can still open my eyes each morning to look in a pair of devoted brown eyes is a treasure I never take for granted.

    We’ll think of you every day as you enjoy your time with your very special friend, Miss Sadie. You are indeed lucky to have her in your life, and she is just as lucky to have you.

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