How to spend a holiday.

I chose to spend this Thanksgiving hanging with my pups. Sadie Lou could not have handled being boarded even though we have an amazing vet and boarding facility. The cold and lack of family interaction would have been too much.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Newfoundland Dog, Newfie, Gentle Giants, Chessies, Dogs

We had a very close call the Saturday before Thanksgiving and were trying to prepare ourselves … as if that is possible. Maggie Mae went through a period like this and got to ‘that point’. I called our vet to talk and ask about the shots we gave to Mags to help out when she got real bad with her walking and hips. I have Sadie on meds, but these shots were something we only used when things were really bad to the point where Mags had trouble getting up due to being so sore and stiff. We opted to try the shot and hope for the best as Miss Sadie has so much pup in her heart and soul. You can hear it in her bark and see it in her eyes. At this point, I knew that my extended family would understand that Sadie deserves to be comfortable and content right now. She deserves to be with her family.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Newfoundland Dog, Newfie, Gentle Giants, Chessies, Dogs

The two pups and I had our own little holiday, while the rest of the crew visited  out-of-town family. Sadie Lou ‘bossed’ and nosed her duck around the yard as much as she could, chilled with me with her head on my lap, and Miss Stella stood by her side. We were lucky to have fairly decent weather with warmer than normal temps so the pups could hang outside a little extra.

Chessie, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Dogs

Sadie Lou would stumble and fall while waddling afterher toys, refusing to sit still while in the fresh air. She would wait a few, then with a little help or sometimes on her own, wiggle her way back to all fours and start bossin’ her toy around with her bark and nosen’ it across the yard. She wears quickly, and often refuses to head in but rather heads to her den under the chimney. We added a blanket and put a water bowl right beside her so when she is in this stubborn mode, she is comfortable.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Chessies, Dog

When ready, she barks at the back steps, as if telling them that she will continue to come outside to play even if they try to get in her way. This certain bark lets me know she is ready to come inside. We usually have to carry her back in, and get her to carpet so she has footing to stabilize her walk. I have found that two of our non-skid yoga mats end-to-end work beautifully (for Miss Stella too!) on the hardwood floor. They provide the perfect non-slip surface. The color may not be perfect, but who cares. They allow both my pups to be safe, sturdy, and stable!

Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Newfoundland Dog, Newfie, Gentle Giants, Chessies, Dogs

We spend out time together. Sharing. Being. Loving. For now we are day to day and moment to moment. Cherishing each and every one. This sweet little girl of mine is a gift beyond measure.

Chessie, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Dogs

Grabbing each second. Holding on tight.

Just Ramblin’

8 responses to “How to spend a holiday.

  1. So beautiful, it had me near tears. Our old pup Dexter is also having some major hip problems and his mobility is greatly reduced. He is having a hard time making it outside to do his business as of late. May I ask what shots you have found helpful?
    I am glad you spent the holiday with your furry family, what a kind person you are.

  2. I know Miss Sadie Lou loved having you there with her. So loving and thoughtful of you to stay home with her. Keeping her and you in thoughts and prayers. Hugs and nose kisses

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