Life Does Seem to Get in the Way

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For some time work was in the middle of my blogging, tweeting, and commenting. At certain points in the year, the work load gets intense and takes over my life.

Then we have had another family crisis. It seems to be the year for those and they seem to happen in waves. When you are willing able to step into the middle of your life, moments may become gifts.

My lack of commenting on all of your blogs, posts, tweets, and status updates is not because I am no longer interested. It is because I am in the middle of my life with no moment to be spared.

Life is filled with such a wide variety of moments. Each one is a stepping stone to move us forward and show us where we have been. I am in the middle of both wonderful and stressful moments.  Writing is something that focuses my thoughts and gives insight to the purpose of those moments. It allows me to open those moments like gift boxes. Living in the middle of my moments often  interferes with my writing,  but I am discovering that it is the moments that motivate the writing.

Moments wrapped in life provide the story for our journey. We have to be in the middle of our own life in order to absorb those moments. We have to let life interfere, unwrap the boxed moments whether the packaging is beautiful or a mess. Either way they are gifts.

Yes, life gets in the way sometimes. What a gift.


Just Ramblin’

(I hope to be back to a more regular posting schedule very soon.)