Newf Therapy

Sometimes trying to stay on top of things seems pointless…

Newfoundland Puppy, Newfie, Gentle Giant, Newfoundland Dog

…unless you are Miss Stella (sitting on top of me).

Some would say that is pointless as well. I disagree. There is not much else like “Newf Therapy”. Having a Newf help you see the goofiness in your day helps to motivate and rejuvenate the soul. And seeing Miss Sadie look at us as if we are complete nuts is just the icing on the cake.

Newfed and a bit more relaxed, time to hit those stacks of “To Dos” again.

Just Ramblin’

11 responses to “Newf Therapy

  1. I love to come home to my dogs; no matter what type of day I have had, they welcome me home with open arms..errr…legs. Every time I come home, it is a grand homecoming. Makes my day!

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