Sometimes You Just Need to Be

Little sleep, not enough hours in the day, and a never-ending parade of “things to do” has led to pretty much being flat out exhausted this week.

I hope that the weekend will allow for a little chillin’ time.  I think Miss Stella has this part figured out. 

There are times that we need to be a little more like pups.  They live in the moment, for the moment, and seem to know how to let go of the moment.  If something caused stress, once that moment is gone for the pup, it is actually gone.

They do not cling to it, carry it around, relive it repeatedly to the point that it almost takes on a life of its own. We tend to do that too much. We need to learn to live in the moment, grab the positives, and run. Sometimes it is good to just “be.”

Just Ramblin’

48 responses to “Sometimes You Just Need to Be

  1. I LOVED this. Enjoyed the pictures and will carry the message with me today, as it is a tough Monday following an even thougher weekend. I’m going to be like Miss Stella today and let it go!!!!

    • I am glad you enjoyed the pictures and that you will carry this message with you throughout your day. I hope it helps and that your Monday goes better than you thought. Even more so, may your tough weekend fade fast and a good week fill its place. Miss Stella is rooting for you. : )

  2. LOL, the third shot is priceless! Miss Stella has a beautiful tummy:). And she’s wise, too. I had a similar week, and luckily a long weekend to at least catch up with my sleep and my college readings. And to relax a bit, too, and let go of frustrations and bad moments. I must confess sometimes I wish I could curl up on the couch like my cat and sleep all day long!

    • Thanks! Her little belly is cute (actually I guess it would be a large belly). I am glad you are getting a chance to get relax after a tough week. Those weeks are so not cool. I would be willing to bet your cat would make room for you. Our cats and dogs do have the high life! : )

  3. Geesh, I wish I could lay around like Miss Stella does… on my back, belly exposed.. perhaps I’d get my belly rubbed too. I do that, I risk scaring the neighbors or having to send my family into therapy.
    Those are quite the snapshots. Other than her size, I do see the playful pup in her.

  4. Hello! You have it so right! Miss Stella (like other doggies) knows how to live in the moment and enjoy her life! We have so much to learn from our best friends!
    Thank you for your visit and sweet comment on Nero’s blog!
    Hugs from us! Teje & Nero

  5. Gosh she is so cute and looks like the best cuddle-bug in the world. I never knew before coming to your blog that Newfies could be a reddish color – I definitely love it and Stella is beautiful!

    • Thanks so much! We were surprised by her color too. There are times where she looks chocolate and others red. We love it too. Her coat is so soft and makes brushing her (a daily activity) fun to do. I am glad you stopped by for a visit and hope you come back often and we can share thoughts and ideas. : )

  6. Thanks for stopping by our blog. It is always great to meet fellow CBR owners on the web. Sadie sure looks like a typical Chessie, enjoying the snow!

    Stella is too cute and very photogenic. Newfoundlands are such big fluffy balls of fur. We look forward to watching her grow up!

    • Thanks so much. Sadie is very much the Chessie! She can still run with the best of them even at 11 years of age. She is helping us to train Miss Stella. Thank you for coming by for a visit. Come back often and have a little chit chat anytime. : )

  7. So, true. If only man can be like the pups, living for the moment, taking the positives, deal with stress as they come and NOT making them the center of their lives. If only we handle our daily problems, trials and stress like Stella, then there is no need for psychiatric consults and anti-depressants. We can wake up each day truly happy and so eager to greet the new day with an optimistic, joyous attitude. Thank you so sharing Stella with us and for the insightful post. Great blog!

    • There really are no words to enhance your comment!:) You said it very well! And so true too. I love sharing Miss Stella’s adventures and the many lessons she is teaching me each time I turn around. Thank you for hanging out over here and checking things out to see how things are changing.

  8. You are so completely right. We need to live more carefree about things. I think I forget about that from time to time. But my children have a way of reminding me what is really important:)

    • Children tend to do that. They can keep us centered and focused. Pups are pretty good at that too. Both can put things into perspective pretty quickly when needed. Glad you stopped by for a visit. : )

  9. Our middle dog, Mandy, is very laid back also. I’ve never seen her bothered by anything, except if we are gone for more than 4 hours and she is out loose in the house. Then she chews everything plastic in the house. She lies on her back like Stella did in the picture, but when Mandy does it, she looks like she has been on a three day drunk! I have never had a dog like her.

    Loved your post!


    • Maggie Mae use to do the same as Mandy. If we were gone too long, at least in her mind, she would start to go for your prized possessions for a chew fest. We always made sure she had a good dose of us before we had to be gone for long. It cracks me up how these pups can sleep in such positions. So laid back and carefree. : )

  10. Thanks for visiting our blog—we look forward to getting to know Miss Stella who is such a sweetheart! She has this look on her face that always seem to say, “Let’s have a bear hug right now, please.” Cute!

  11. My 4 legs baby a Collie named “Prince” loves to be treated like a Prince and he will make sure everyone around him is aware of that. They are smart and full of energy.

  12. What a cuddly, furry cutie Stella is. My Mumsy thinks she is adorable. I gots that chillin’ time all figured out too.

    • Thank you so much : ) Pups tend to figure things out often more quickly then we do. Your furry family looks to be full of fun and adventure. I look forward to reading all about your journey.

    • Yes it does. Dogs are wonderful creatures that add so much to our lives. We sometimes think we are the better species, yet I believe they sometimes know more than we could ever truly understand. Thank you for stopping by to visit. Your Clara is beautiful. I look forward to reading more about her adventures. : )

    • We hear that a lot about her. Many think she is a small bear cub from a distance! You are right…there are times we just need let it all go and relax. Not always easy to do, but most necessary!

  13. Awww Ms Stella is getting soo much bigger. I mean really big. She is still so adorable. And since you’re given out this beautiful award.. I thought I’d give it back to a person that also deserves this award.

    I just wanted to let you know that you are a Genuine Blogger. Celebrate your blog, as it is comes across to the reader as heartfelt and genuine. There are no rules with this honor. Accept it and relish in the thought that your blog is “award worthy” without having any strings attached. If you choose to give this award to a deserving fellow blogger, please do so with no “rules.” Award it to someone for his or her genuineness in blogging. Free and clear.
    Kay – Pure Complex

    • She really is getting huge. I went to pick her up this morning and it took some extra effort! I am so thrilled that she is growing and becoming the big Newfoundland she is to be, yet I am a tad sad that the days are very limited now as to my being able to just scoop her up and hold her. She does love to just “flop” across my lap though, so I guess I will always be able to “hold” her in some way. : )
      Thank you for the Genuine Blogger. You are very kind. It is an award that I hope allows recipients to know that their work is appreciated, valued, and noteworthy by fellow bloggers and that does not have the pressure of “rules and requirements” to follow. It is to be received and valued as the gift and honor in which it is intended. I really do thank you for thinking I was deserving as well. I hope you picked up your “badge/button” if you wanted one. : )

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